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NEW! Postcards available at REACH Child Development Centre in Ladner. You can act on behalf of community service workers by sending a postcard to the premier before Sept.20, 2021. These postcards send the message that Community Social Service Workers in BC deserve equal pay and that you would like to see the #EqualPayBC issue resolved. A hearing is planned  at the Labour Relations Board  on Sept. 20, 2021.                                

What is the Equal Pay BC Campaign and who is the Coalition of Community Social Services workers?

  • Reach Child and Youth Development Society is part of  a coalition of workers and employers in the Community Social Services sector. Visit Equal Pay BC for a list of all participants.

Over 14,000 of our workers are non-union — and they earn less than their union counterparts due to government policies. However, the BC Government does not fund union and non-union workers equally. We value all our employees and believe in equality for all – whether they belong to a union or not. 

 Introducing #EqualPayBC postcards! Postage is included and by simply adding your name and city on the back you can

  • Equal Pay results in better worker retention, continuity in relationships for clients as well as providing a stable workforce to ensure quality and safety.

Help us spread awareness. Visit  Equal Pay BC  and join the campaign email sign-up.  Follow us on REACH Facebook and Twitter, where we post every Wednesday about this issue. Please share our tweets and posts as much as possible. Thank you!

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