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Quarantine Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Listen To An Audio Books Together.

While schools are closed, Audible has a variety of streamed titles and stories you can stream for free. You can stream using the link on any device and listen to stories together during “story time.” Draw pictures of what you are listening to, or colour while listening together. Discuss part of the story afterwards.

Watch Washington State Astronaut Anne McClain Read A Book From Space!

Watch as Annie McClain reads a storybook inside her space ship!

Read With Your Child Using Star Fall

Watch as Annie McClain reads a storybook inside her space ship!

Scholastic Learn At Home Grades (Pre K - K)

Free reading and story resources at (Pre K to K) level

Nasa’s Kids Club

Join Nasa’s Kids Club and explore space playing games, watching videos and stories.

Play Geoguessr: Free & Paid

Game shows a picture from Google maps, you have to guess which country it is from by clicking the map in bottom right corner and placing “+” symbol on the country and click “guess.” Earn points dependent on how close your guess was to the target location.

Learn How “Stuff” Works

Learn more about science, nature, technology etc…

The Happy Scientist

How Stuff Works

Learning Lab


Write A Daily Schedule With Input From Each Family Member.

Ensure to keep structure in your day by keeping daily routines and schedules. 

Use picture symbols or words (depending how your child receives information best).

Ask your consultant to send some daily schedule pictures/templates.

Manage Screen Time With Chore Charts Or Cards

Involve your children in daily chores at home. Example: meal prep, dishes, unloading dishwasher, organizing room, picking up items off the floor etc. Expect developmentally appropriate chores for your child.

Chore list page with screen time minutes [FREE]

Chores ideas [FREE]

Trade in chore cards in exchange for screen time. [ $7 ]

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Gas is cheap! Take your kids on a road trip scavenger hunt. Pack a lunch, snacks and water and print off a scavenger visual.

Learn To Draw

Watch videos and learn to draw animals, characters, nature etc.


30-Day LEGO Challenge

Print off 30-day Lego challenge and read each day’s challenge with your child.

Watch a Ted-Talk With Your Child

Click the link to watch some Ted Talks that are kid-friendly.

Learn A New Language

Learn a new language with your child using the free app: Duolingo

Online Educational Games

 Engage in various online educational games for reading, math, history, science etc.


Kids National Geographic

Prodigy Game

BBC For Kids

Greg Tang Math


Sesame Street

Highlights Kids

Brain Pop

PBS Kids




Gain Science Experiment Ideas

For your science brain child, get some ideas for conducting your next science experiment!

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