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Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation provided $7500 in funding to REACH Parent Peer to Peer Group (Punjabi). Over the past 3 years, the parent support group has grown from 8 families to 87 families residing in Surrey and Delta participating. A majority of participants are not current Reach clients which indicates that this group is supporting the greater community .

Referrals come from parents within the group, service providers and families who have heard about the program in the community. Families have become comfortable sharing their journeys with the public and this also helps raise awareness. 5 moms have presented on local radio stations to share their stories in an effort to help others who have felt isolated and a number spoke at the group’s Christmas party.

Families are more comfortable meeting in person for social events and there is a desire to organize more which is a welcome development as families were more reticent when the group began. Most recently, they asked to organize a Diwali celebration. In addition, parents involved in the group have also taken the initiative to organize a two week summer camp for families in the group and secured funding from local business people and gurudwara’s for hiring of a bus, BI’s and entrance fees (Aquarium, science world, etc.) Peer to peer support groups foster an eagerness to help new families

Petro-Canada Caremakers Foundation donation to REACH Parent Peer to Peer Groups also provides educational sessions in Punjabi language on diverse topics such as Q&A Sessions on Autism & Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Understanding Anxiety and ADHD Treatments and Supports.

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